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Lack of an Authoritative Resource on Running a Business Leads to Confusion and Frustration

Picture of by Ariel Lim • 24 August 2020

by Ariel Lim • 24 August 2020

I remember the first time I tried registering a business. It was more than 10 years ago and virtually no website or resource page are available. The only way for you to get the information you need is to either call the hotline (assuming you can find the number you need) or go to the respective government agency to ask what you need. 

Today, the ease of doing business in the Philippines is a lot easier than it was a decade ago. Unfortunately, most resources available are either outdated or simply flat-out useless. 

Take this headline from a “reputable” newspaper…

Misleading Article Headline by Philstar

If you read the actual article, it goes on to say that you still need to register your business. It also tries to convey the message that taxation is different from registration, which is true. But by combining the two statements without any additional context, it only makes things more confusing. 

Despite the continued efforts by the government to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), there’s still a long way to go. If you browse through forums and groups, you’d often read the same questions getting asked over and over.

That’s why I compiled the answers to these into one easy-to-read guide. If you have a business or plan to have one, here are the top 8 things you absolutely need to know.